Today’s White Hat SEO: just focus on the people and let robots do their job

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White Hat SEO

Web Robots used to be GUARDIANS… today they are JUDGES.

White hat seo workers can seem to the average person to be right out of a sci fi novel. After all, only techno geeks talk about robots more than SEO workers do. But rest assured, the robots the SEO workers are speaking about have nothing to do with R2D2 and C3PO.

The obsession SEO companies have had with robots has stemmed from their use by search engines to help determine site rankings. They were often seen as guardians of the Internet (think Terminator meets Judge Dredd). Webmasters began to7 focus heavily on the activities of robot and how to control them, trick them, and even block them.

Recently as a few months ago, Google has created some changes in their algorithm. These updates were called PANDA and PENGUIN. One of the primary goals of these changes was to make web search results all about the humans doing the searches and not the robots guarding them. The word RELEVANT again took center stage. The goal has always been and continues to be making web search results relevant: human friendly!!

Today’s White Hat SEO: just focus on the people and let robots do their job. (part II)

Content was always king, but people tended to write their content for the eyes of robots, more so than the eyes of humans. The quality and volume of content took on more relevancy than ever before as Google tried to weed out websites that were filled with keyword stuffed, irrelevant content that was outdated and written for robots.

Now, Google looks for user-friendly websites that are content rich and authoritative. They are looking at everything from design, to frequency of updates (and nature of the updates) to social media integration and more.

Content will be checked not just in terms on how good it is, but on HOW FRESH and HOW ORIGINAL it is. Content today means photos, pictures, audio and videos, not just articles.

Panda and Penguin put an end to shortcut white hat SEO techniques used by some SEO companies (notice lower case “white hat”). The key now is to produce and maintain an authoritative, well designed website focused on HUMANS, not robots.

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