Our White Hat SEO Team

The White Hat Marketing team is a lively, fun and talented bunch but perhaps not the most photogenic.  We spend long hours indoors working hard for our clients  which means we miss haircut appointments, entire fashion trends and even sunlight.

We talked it over and decided we had to do something for photos.  Bob, of course, said to just put a photo of George Clooney up for him as they are practically identical twins (the lack of sunlight is perhaps impacting his eyesight).

One thing we all had in common, in addition to wanting to make our clients happy, is we all love cartoons.So here you have our team members…in a better way than cold photos. 

Fede, Graphic Designer

Our favorite, creative cartoonist. With his wide-rim glasses, classy mustache and impressive beard. He proclaims that he doesn’t fit the “hipster” title, but we dare say he is the biggest hipster around. He was a hipster before it was cool, and we love him for setting the trend. Fede’s work over the last 8 years has been spread all over the world. He has done collaborations with over 10 magazines from the east to the west with his original content. We keep Fede around because of his mad skills in being a cartoonist and comic drawings. He is said to be one of the most talented in America!.

Jason, Blogger

Our warrior blogger, Jason, will fight the blogging battle! He will write to create smart, clever and original posts all night long. All in order to make sure that you will rank high and kill all off your competitors on that search engine battlefield! He is known for being so intense and passionate about his battle blogging that it’s no surprise if he goes through 3 or 4 keyboards a day! If Jason is writing your blogs, then you know you are on the verge of victory!

Mauro, C.E.O. , Strategist

This show-stopping, entrepreneur is one of the most genius SEO strategist out there. He has been pounding out quality SEO for the past 15 years. It’s hard to find anyone who has been in the industry that long. Putting it into perspective, he even ranked the 10 Commandments once Moses descended from Sinai…why do you think they became so popular? With his nerdy capabilities to analyze keywords and algorithms, he has been wildly successful in the SEO world.


Mayra, Photographer, Media producer

Click! You were just captured by Mayra, our very own photographer. As unusual as it may seem to have a photographer in an SEO company, her work in crucial to what we do. We so strongly value original content that any video, photo or picture is 100% unique to you. She makes sure that everything she captures has never been seen before. She is sometimes shy about her photography…she won’t even show us her amazing picture she caught of Big Foot last year on her vacation. She says, it would take our breath away. So she won’t show us to save our lives.


  Paul , Social Media Specialist

This social media magician can turn any site, upside down in order to bring it to the top. He moves his hands and *BAM* amazing things happen. He knows the ins and outs of social networking and understands that it’s crucial in order to get the top rankings. Paul, is a true specialist and we often call him a “socialnetworkaholic”. This guy prefers tweeting rather than speaking and posting rather than sleeping. He is like a ninja in the social media world, it’s likely he is already your friend and you didn’t even notice. This guy is just a rare gem, he is a White Hat exclusive!

jennaJenna, Writer

This adventurer has taken the plunge and written for people all over the globe. She isn’t afraid of the next big adventure and writing about it! Having written hundreds and hundreds of blogs post and online content, she has tackled just about every topic under the sun. Looking for a business word wizard or an informal charmer, Jenna is your girl. Writing up a storm at 60 words per minute, she can’t be stopped.



Glenn, Account Coordinator

That’s right, it’s Glenn with two ‘n’s. He is our wonderful and patient Account Coordinator. Being the talented guy that he is, he has a way of satisfying our clients by making all of our work adapt to them and their business. He is generally plugging in numbers so fast his hair starts smokin’. Particularly during payment week, he is on fire! His long locks make our CEO green with envy. Glenn is a master at what he does and he love to prove it.


reizonrichardRay and Rich brothers

You have heard of the famous brother Ethan & Joel Cohen, the Wright brothers, and Mario & Luigi…and now we are introducing Ray & Rich. Naturally, some brotherly duos can work wonders when they work together. Ray and Rich do just that! They are the real deal when we need to enter the Matrix, manage codes and all thing tech related that make most of our heads spin. They can manage anything from HTML 5, PHP, air conditioner clock…there is no code that remains a mystery to these brothers. They are skillful engineers in building custom websites that not only look great but also attract major search engines. This powerhouse duo is there to make our clients businesses flourish.

bobBob Melillo, Founder (1971 / 2014 , Rest well chief! )  

He had three loves in his life…softball, cheesecake and this company.  Eventually his cheesecake ran out and simultaneously the stadiums entrances became too small for him. Leaving him to focus solely on the company.  He was a funny guy, a tender-hearted person and a wonderful friend.  He a very smart man and departed from this world in March 2014.  (We have suspicions that he finally convinced the Lord to fully redesign Heaven for SEO purposes.)  He is greatly missed, especially by Mauro, who used to be Bob’s right (and left sometimes) hand man for 7 years.  We will continue to walk with his vision and by his principles.  Out favorite happens to be “Cheesecake will inspire your best strategy.” He was a good man with good taste.