About Us

by White Hat Marketing founder Bob Melillo (1971-2014)

The story of White Hat Marketing is similar to many other stories.  Boy meets girl.  Boy woos girl.  Girl thinks boy is too needy and clingy.  Girl rides off into the sunset with a different boy.

Hmm.  On second thought, the story of White Hat Marketing is not like that at all. 

In 1998, Bob Melillo formed a writing company in New York.   Pocket-Poet’s team of writers wrote original content for websites as well as speeches, poems, presentations and articles.

Four years later, in 2002, Pocket-Poet launched a subsidiary called Set Sites High, a search engine optimization company with a focus on content.  The following year, Set Sites High opened a second office in Montevideo, Uruguay to handle the frequent requests for Spanish language content and optimization.

Bob Melillo formed White Hat Marketing in 2003 with Ernesto Custodio, a tech savvy entrepreneur that has launched numerous businesses.

The combination of Bob’s focus on content and Ernesto’s focus on technical details led to the immediate success of White Hat Marketing. Ernesto depart from White Hat Firm some years later to focus in other business.

An internet marketing company in Fort Lauderdale.

Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, White Hat Marketing employs content writers, marketing experts, social media professionals and SEO gurus around the globe including Mauro Hümmerich one of  the S.E.O. pioneers in Latin America and Spain .  A local touch is needed for a highly successful campaign.

Always focused on our clients’ return on investment, we craft Internet marketing campaigns that make sense for our clients’ goals and budgets.

Now, truth be told, the original story above is somewhat true of White Hat Marketing as well.  Boy (Bob Melillo) met girl (Lisa) and wooed her to join his content writing company.  Lisa, loved writing but ultimately decided to focus her career elsewhere.  Lisa, however, introduced Bob to Ernesto and the rest is White Hat Marketing history.


Currently, after several years fighting cancer our founder and spiritual leader Bob Melillo was hospitalized on a critical situation and he start his rest on march 27, 2014. As long we all at the White Hat´s team pray about Bob and family, we full understand what Bob rally wish for us: to continue the job untill he is ready to come back some day as the Lord promised to us.

Currently C.E.O. is Mauro G. Hümmerich, a jewish-latin S.E.O specialist and professor, who served as Bob´s right hand since 2007 and was the second person in range inside the company. Mauro G. Hümmerich used to live in Texas and Florida but he is currently living at Montevideo, Uruguay.

Mauro G. Hümmerich first decision as C.E.O. was to start the ROBERT MELILLO FOUNDATION against the male breast cancer in memoriam our founder Robert Melillo. Every month, White Hat Marketing supports this foundation in many ways to spread the word about this terrible and very unknown disease. For more information please visit robertmelillo.org.